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Student Intensive Continuation Course Workbook A

The Student Intensive Writing Courses  (SICCs) by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW®) were one of the most popular VHS and DVD writing programs they offered for the first two decades of this century. In January of 2020, IEW® discontinued these programs and replaced them with a new extended series. Thousands of people over those years still own these DVD courses (not sure about the VHS tapes that have likely degraded by now), and enjoy sharing them with other home schoolers, or pass them down to their own children for their kids to use. Some are even showing up at used curriculum sales.

In 2005, Excellent Resources launched a series of Workbooks to accompany the SICCs, and those have undergone several revisions over the years. These books have made it possible to have ready-made lesson plans to accompany the teaching on the DVDs, as well as have specifically Canadian content to practice with. The workbooks come with places for assignments, handy charts and even checklists for each assignment for easy marking. Some teachers even use these books as lesson plans for their own classes or co-ops.

These workbooks contain a wealth of additional practice materials and ready-made lesson plans to augment the SICC with an abundance of Canadian Content.

The legacy SICC A Workbook is 218 pages long download, and is designed for students in the Grade 4-5 level.

Reminder: This download is the workbook only. The teaching is done on the DVDs which are no longer available from IEW®. Without the DVDs, it is not advisable to order this workbook unless you are an instructor familiar with the entire Excellence in Writing program, who could benefit from the pre-made lesson plans and marking checklists.

Please Note: These lesson plan workbooks are not endorsed or supported  by IEW®.

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