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History of Canada

History of Canada is an upper elementary (grade 5-6) level course that takes students through all nine units of Dr. Webster’s Blended Structure and Style method of teaching writing. It applies those methods to subject areas commonly found in Grade 5 Canadian Social Studies where the history of Canada is typically taught across Canada in public schools.

Students will integrate all the structural models and stylistic techniques necessary to develop their creative and academic writing skills.

Additional videos are provided to bring the content to life for the student.

History of Canada is taught over 20 video lessons covering almost eight hours of instruction, plus the download of the 147 page textbook which includes all the models, charts and checklists necessary to mark and complete the course. There is no marking that comes with this course, however the checklists for each assignment make it clear how to assign a grade to each assignment.

View the complete Scope and Sequence here.