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English Diploma Prep Course

The English30 Diploma Exam is the top level final exam for students graduating from High Schools in Alberta. Being well prepared for what to expect and how to pre-strategize writing the exam will give a valuable edge.

The Diploma Prep Course contains a solid eight hours of teaching taking the student through an indepth analysis of what markers are looking for and how to deliver it to them. Succeeding on this one exam can make the difference between having options to further higher education, or becoming stuck, unable to move on. There is a lot at stake with this exam.

Here is the Scope and Sequence of the Course:

  • Week 1 – The A+.D.V.A.N.C.E. Formula
  • Week 2 – The Basic Essay Model
  • Week 3 – The Alberta Diploma Marker’s Scoring Rubric
  • Week 4 – Personal Response – Writing From Prompts
  • Week 5 – Personal Response –Writing From Pictures
  • Week 6 – Critical or Analytical Response to Texts

The course includes downloads of the instructor’s presentation with each lesson.

The techniques taught in this course will prepare all Senior level students in any province in Canada for their respective exams.