• Two Free Online

    Writing Classes

    For HomeSchool Parents 

    and Students

    November 10th, 2020

StyleWriter Canada will be presenting two recorded video sessions for the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2021 to be held February 5th through 9th, 2021.

One session will be for homeschool parents which will run about 30 minutes. The second session is for students, and will run a brief 15 minutes (times are approximate.)

In order to bring a little life and dynamism to the classes, we are inviting you and your students to participate in a recording of an online class on November 10th. The student session will  be ideal for students in the grades 5 – 7 range and will held in the morning. The parent class will be held in the afternoon. Instructions will be sent to the successful registrants. 
Since space is very limited, we will require you to register for these Free online classes, and we will send you the login information for a Zoom session for each class.

Hope to see you online.

Free Presentation For Home School Parents

“Teaching Writing is Hard…Marking is Harder

How to Avoid Streaming Tears and the Big Red Pen”

( …Even if you have never taught writing before or have given up in frustration )

Parent Session

Tuesday, November 10th
1:00 PM PST, 4:00 PM EST

Free Presentation For Home School Students

“Zero to Writing in 20 Minutes

Avoiding Writer’s Block and the Blank Sheet of Paper”

( …Even if you hate writing )

Student Session

Tuesday, November 10th
10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM EST

Free Online Writing Class

Here’s What You’ll Discover In These Special Classes:

Tears and the Big Red Pen

Why boys will not write for you, when they know the Big Red Pen is coming out to show them everything they did wrong. This is a game they cannot win and so they give up. Having clear goals and measuring them with checklists instills confidence to move from success to success.

Why girls are able to write 20 pages with ease

Why girls are able to write 20 pages with ease, yet never come to a satisfying conclusion. This “stream on consciousness style of writing” in a quest for authenticity is often promoted in schools. Learn how to encourage creativity while channeling these writers’ energies into well structured pieces of creative and academic writing.

Writing is a Skill, not a Subject

Writing is a skill, not a subject. Much like learning to play a musical instrument, the skills of writing will stay with the student for a lifetime, and remain necessary for success for all their subjects in school and beyond. Practice makes perfect only when practiced perfectly.

Giving a blank sheet of paper and telling them to write is cruel and unusual punishment.

Why handing a student a blank sheet of paper and telling them to write is cruel and unusual punishment. You will learn the quickest and simplest way to gain momentum in your writing process, even when your mind goes blank, or there’s nothing there to begin with.

Your Class Instructor:

Bryan Rempel Cancun 2020 square

Bryan Rempel

CEO / Founder – StyleWriter Canada

Bryan is a Master Teacher of the Blended Structure and Style method of Teaching Writing as taught by Canadian Scholar Dr. J.B. Webster.
For nearly twenty years, Bryan has been teaching, writing and presenting courses that have inspired thousands of Canadian students to write with confidence, clarity and conviction.

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