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COVID-19 Causes Canada to become a Nation of Home Schoolers

We are experiencing an unprecedented time of uncertainty, caution and fear with the onset and spread of the corona virus.

With schools re-opening across Canada in a variety of complex configurations, record numbers of parents are now choosing an option that has been normal life for most home school families for decades. Social distancing has replaced "socialization" as the new buzzword in the school system. Staying at home and working from home are the new normal, at least for now.

"Blended Learning" is the new normal where students combine in-class instruction with online learning and discussion groups. "Flipped Classrooms," popular before the "pandemic," are now becoming implemented in a variety of ways. 

At StyleWriter Canada, we have made our legacy video online courses easily accessible for anyone who would like to turn their "home time" into "learning time." Our courses were designed as stand-alone video writing courses that would work in parallel with other subject matter courses and complement the choices that schools and homeschoolers decide to implement.

StyleWriter Canada is committed to providing downloadable video writing courses, workbooks, and programs from Bev and Bryan Rempel for home schoolers, those who are now schooling at home, and for teachers in the public and private school systems.

Man Son Online Class

StyleWriter Teaches How to Write 

StyleWriter teaches "writing" for students at all grade levels from Grades 3 and above, with downloadable video courses and lesson books that do the teaching for you. Marking is done with the included  checklists.

  • Canadian content written by Canadians for Canadians
  • Program based on "Blended Structure and Style" as taught by Dr. J.B. Webster Ph.D.
  • Downloadable Courses Instantly Accessible
  • NO Shipping Charges
  • Grammar Taught throughout writing lessons
  • Reproducible within a family
  • Schools can license use in classrooms
  • Affordable courses for all families
  • NO complex teacher manuals
  • Get started today

Our Flagship Canadian Writing Courses

All Things Canada teaches the blended structure and style writing method for the grades 3-4 level using fun and fascinating Canadian articles to model the techniques taught.   
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History of Canada teaches the blended structure and style writing method for the grades 5-6 level using Canadian history articles to model the techniques taught.   
More info....
Neighbours with a Difference teaches the blended structure and style writing method for the grades 6-9 level using Canadian social studies articles to model the techniques taught.   
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Advanced Writing Skills Courses

How to Write Excellent Essays teaches the blended structure and style essay writing method for the grades 9-12 level using a variety of essay structures to model the techniques taught.   
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Enhanced Creative Writing teaches 12 different creative writing models to enhance the skills of the creative writer. Suitable for grades 6 and up.  
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English Diploma Prep teaches the skills necessary to ace the Grade 12 diploma exam essays for all provinces in Canada.   
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Writing is a Skill,
Not a Subject.

Subjects come and go over a student's lifetime, but skills last forever. An investment in developing your writing skills will pay off for the rest of your life.


Here are a few brief comments on the value of the Blended Structure and Style in Writing program taught by Bev and Bryan Rempel over the past two decades as the past owners of Webster's Academy and Excellent Resources.

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If you are wondering what the video lesson books are like, and how to download them to get started, check out this video to the right.

How to Access your Courses and Videos.

This short video explains how to get started with StyleWriter courses and videos.
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